Panini is the author of the ashtAdhyAyi and all other related grammar books (i.e. dhAtupAth, gaNapAtha etc). Panini has made Sanskrit grammar easier than ever. Linguistics believe his grammar is complete and is the best grammar ever written in any language. The structure of his grammar is as good as any computer language in this computer era.

There is no doubt Sanskrit was the language of daily use in general. Panini used many terms, which can be true only for a spoken language.

Panini’s ashtAdhyAyi contains about 4000 sUtras (rules). The book is divided in 8 chapters. Each chapter has four pAda (quarters). By Indian tradition, to study Sanskrit, grammar students memorize all 4000 sutras by reciting them daily, which give them a complete command of the Sanskrit grammar.

Panini was a miracle grammarian, and his ashtAdhyAyi still surprises computer programming language professionals.

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